This whole concept was born out of our overwhelming desire to "be our own BOSS" and control our own destiny.  A constant yearning to do what we love, be with each other and build our nest egg while preparing for our retirement.  We no longer want to be dependent on the daily nine to five job and all the corporate politics that keep you tied to a paycheck and at the mercy of your employer. 

For as long as I can remember, Cherie and I have loved cooking, eating, drinking (not necessarily in that order)  and enjoying friends and family.  Our passion stems from the weekly "pasta nights" at Uncle Vinny's and watching our favorite shows on the "Food Network" and "Cooking Channel" while cozied up next our fireplace.   Growing up in Connecticut on Long Island Sound didn't hurt either.  We are always taking day trips and vacations to some our favorite places like the Jersey Shore, NYC, Mystic, Long Island, Newport Rhode Island, Salem Massachusetts,  Boston, Cape Cod and Maine in search of the best seafood and Italian restaurants.   Over the years we've created some of our own special recipes based off of our favorite memories and Classic East Coast delicacies.

The time has come to have our own "Cosa Nostra", "Our Thing"!  We hope our customers thoroughly enjoy our menu and appreciate not having to always go to a "chain restaurant" or "franchised fast food joint" for the same old, same old.  We're bringing the Mom and Pop shop back to your local neighborhood!  Mangiamo!  Let's Eat!


A special heartfelt thanks to the family consigliere, my Cherie Amore,  for embarking on this journey and supporting the dream.  You're my high school sweetheart and best friend of over 35 years. Your support, warmth, constant encouragement, occasional nagging and perpetual, undeniable love for me makes my world go around.  I love you babe!  Thank you!


Another exuberant thank you to my brother Jay.  His support, positivity, mentoring, genuine excitement about this opportunity and confidence in me is amazing, heartwarming and so much appreciated.  Words cannot express our gratitude.  THANK YOU Bro!  Much Love and Big Bear Hug!

A final shout out and thank you to our three children, the caporegimes of the family; Devin Marie, Scott and Spencer.  You are all beautiful people with big hearts.  You each hold a very special place in our hearts and our love for each of you is deep.  Thank you for helping us do what we love!

Love to All!

Warmest Regards,

Dave and Cherie, Mom and Dad -  a.k.a.  "The Lobsta Mobstas"


A note from "The Lobsta Mobstas"...


"The Lobsta Mobstas"